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I was delighted to receive Wiersbe Study Bible (NKJV) for review.  I love Wiersbe’s “Be” series, so to evaluate his study Bible was very exciting for me. First, I absolutely LOVE the fact that the font is slightly larger in order to easily read.  The cover calls it “comfort print” and IContinue Reading

“Worship Essentials” by Mike Harland is a refreshing look at what makes worship, worship.  So many churches and people in today’s society argue, fight, and war over the music portion of the church’s service.  Those who aren’t fighting are agonizing over how to have the “right” kind of worship experience.Continue Reading

I will be honest, when I read the title, I wasn’t too sure about this book.  I never really feel uninvited.  But when I read the subtitle, and the back of the book, I felt inclined to get it. I bought the book during our last PCS (that is whenContinue Reading

So some of you are wondering why I’m doing another review of this series.  Plainly, it is because it needs an update!  I hadn’t read the third book at the time of the original post because it had not been written.  I have now read the third one (a whileContinue Reading

I was so honored to be asked by the author to review his book, and after reading it, I am glad I was given the opportunity.  “Heaven Shining Through” is a quick read, but packed with emotion, real life, and genuineness. Centered around a girl, Samantha, you see life throughContinue Reading

What can I say?  I absolutely LOVE this collection of books!  I am currently re-reading books 1-4 because book 5, “Bitter Winter,” was just released.  Jaye L. Knight does a fantastic job with these books and I’m always on the edge of my seat wondering what will happen next.  I’mContinue Reading

I was very excited to receive this book for review!  I am always looking for a good devotional to use with the family.  And this book did not disappoint! Written by a father/son duo, this devotion really brings plenty of opportunity for family learning, growing, and discussing. I have aContinue Reading

Click to purchase. So, this book came to me through an interesting episode with my pastor.  You see, we had recently moved to Virginia and we were speaking with the pastor of a church we had been attending.  When our pastor discovered we were from Kentucky, he immediately talked aboutContinue Reading