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My Approach

My goal is to bring edification to the body of Christ.  People need to know the Word, have a relationship with God, and have a spiritual connection with others.  So, I create materials to teach the Scriptures and to give people practical advice for applying it to their lives.  I also spend time informing people of what the persecuted Christians are needing prayer for.  After all, the Bible commands us to remember them and pray for them.  We can do this specifically if we know what is going on.  Lastly, I create materials that help people draw closer to God and to each other.

As an analyst, I am a full believer in evidence and facts.  I approach things based on what the Bible says, not what we hope it says, our opinions, or our feelings.  I approach my work on Christian persecution the same way.  I try to make sure that information is from legitimate sources and can be verified (as much as possible, some countries it is almost impossible to get info, much less vet it).

Through understanding what Scripture actually says will help us apply it to our lives.  That will, in turn, help us to practice being the body of Christ the way it was intended.

Our Approach

My Personal Life

I strive to live out my faith in any capacity that I can.  It is very important to me to live a scripture based life, being a healthy part of the body of Christ. I am currently training to be a crisis/disaster response chaplain, I participate in foreign missions through my church, and volunteer in my community, and with the army, as much as I can.  I homeschool my daughter, write, and try to fit hobbies into my busy life! You can keep up with all my crazy life through my blog and newsletter!

I hold a  Bachelor of Science in Political Science from the University of Louisville and a Masters of Strategic Intelligence in Terrorism from American Military University. I have worked with the Department of Homeland Security, the Kentucky State Police Intelligence Branch and Sussman Corporate Security. I left government work on the state and federal levels to work from home and homeschool my daughter.

Our Story

Why I Became a Writer and Author

I started this venture when I left government work due my husband's job with the Army.  It happened when the Chibok girls in Nigeria were kidnapped by Boko Haram, the Holy Spirit grabbed me.  I had been keeping up with Boko Haram because my education and work experience was in terrorism and organized crime.  Watching the coverage, I saw how the media was leaving out important details: they were kidnapped because they were Christian.  A righteous indignation burned within me that despite overwhelming evidence, the media still couldn't even admit that the faith of these girls is what made them targets.  At the same time, I was realizing that Christians in westernized countries were almost completely unaware of what was happening to their brothers/sisters in Christ.

So, I started writing articles for Yahoo! about persecuted Christians. This evolved into a book on Nigeria and the persecution against Christians there.  From there, I felt led to start writing Bible studies and prayer/devotional books.  Of course, newsletters, eMagazines, and a blog was all part of this!  It was very important to me to focus on being the body of Christ.  We talk about this so much, but we don't always know how to actually do it.  How do we, as Christians living far away from each other, work together to be the body of Christ?  How do we handle controversy or disagreement or abuse?  This is such a short space for a really long story, but God's hand was guiding me the whole way.  He spurred me into action in Arizona when the girls in Nigeria were kidnapped, then God just led me from one thing to another until he finally got me where he wanted me, helping the Body of Christ be the Body of Christ!  I am sure there is more to come and I am excited to find out!

Next Steps...

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