“Heaven Shining Through” Book Review

I was so honored to be asked by the author to review his book, and after reading it, I am glad I was given the opportunity.  “Heaven Shining Through” is a quick read, but packed with emotion, real life, and genuineness.

Centered around a girl, Samantha, you see life through her eyes.  Growing up, falling in love, getting married, becoming a widow, and laying her parents to rest.  Without overwhelming the reader, Joe Siccardi brings to bear the hard parts of life.  What decision should we make?  How much should other people’s expectations pressure us?  How do you stand firm on the decisions you make?  Is there room for redemption with people who have hurt you?  What does that redemption look like?  And so much more.

As Samantha grows in her faith, her responses to life change.  With that change, her eyes are opened to so much more.  Her empathy and sympathy grow.  She lives more and more for others.  She becomes open to fixing broken relationships.

Through Samantha’s story, the reader can empathize with the mistakes, the decisions, and the emotions, yet leave the story with a sense of hope.  Things do come full circle.  There are always two sides to every coin.  Mistakes are just mistakes, life does go on.  Enjoy the moments you have, they may be fewer than you want.  Love people. And always look to God for direction.

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