“Wisdom from a Father” Book Review

What I love about this book is that you can read as much, or as little, at a time as you want.  No matter how little time you have, you still get a thought provoking scenario to think on through the day.  Wisdom from a Father…one dad’s thoughts on life gives short stories that you can easily connect with, and connects them with a thought to ponder on.

Anyone can pick up this book and get something from it.  Although Joe Siccardi’s Christian roots show through, the book is not preachy.  It is a book about a father’s life, little snippets that all of us can relate to.  While you are experiencing little pieces of the author’s life, you are left with an uplifting sentence to ponder on.  Some are just reminders to keep your head up, others help correct your path, and others refocus your mind.

What I like about these little stories is that they are so relatable and so honest.  They are all stories that could, or do, happen in our lives.  And that little tidbit reminder at the end?  I love how it so easily connects to the story.  The author definitely sees things from a different perspective than most, yet it is so easy to see why he would have that perspective.  I find this very refreshing.  The thoughts to ponder upon are not forced, they easily flow with the story they relate to.

All in all, you can look at this book like a book on wisdom (hence the name!).  However, instead of just getting a fortune cookie phrase to remember, you get to see into the author’s life to understand the why behind the wisdom.  You can see what precipitated the wisdom saying.

As someone who gravitates toward the book of Proverbs and Ecclesiastes in the Bible, I appreciate the format of this book.  The why is brief, yet effective and the wisdom gleaned is beneficial if applied.  Much like my conversations with my grandmother when I was little.


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