Ilyon Chronicles (Books 1-4)

What can I say?  I absolutely LOVE this collection of books!  I am currently re-reading books 1-4 because book 5, “Bitter Winter,” was just released.  Jaye L. Knight does a fantastic job with these books and I’m always on the edge of my seat wondering what will happen next.  I’m emotionally invested, have enough action for an action movie, and can’t stop reading!

These books are in the Christian fantasy genre.  I absolutely love Christian fantasy.  You are transported into another world (Ilyon for these books) and you can easily see the connections to the Bible.  However, the connections aren’t trite.  Although you can see the connections, they don’t intrude upon the story.  They are seamlessly woven in!  This is a must for me.  If the connections aren’t seamless, then the stories don’t work.

I also love that although these stories are not Biblical in the fact that they aren’t in the Bible, you can easily draw inspiration from them.  The human-ness of the problems and how they work through them is definitely congruent with how we would handle them and it is clear how we should handle them. Through the different characters, you literally feel the emotional hardships, the conflicts that arise with what doing the right thing actually is, and you experience real life scenarios.  Through their mistakes and accomplishments, you can actually draw spiritual concepts.  I love this!

Jaye L. Knight does not shy away from concepts that are hard.  Her characters have to make hard choices and their decisions have consequences.  Some choose the right way and others don’t, some see the error of their ways, others don’t.  I find this very representative of real Christianity and the real world (even though they are in a fantasy world with dragons!).

If you aren’t Christian and are looking for a good fantasy series, I still recommend this!  As I mentioned before, the Christian concepts are woven in so expertly that they add to the story, not detract.

Also, there are three novellas in this series: Half Blood, Tyra, and Lacy.

All in all, I recommend this series to anyone interested in fantasy and especially to those interested in Christian fantasy.  I would put the series at age level 12 and above just because of some of the emotions in the book.  Things like dying for your faith, evil, and family separation may be hard for some children to absorb.

Definitely check out this series!  I can’t wait to read Book 5!! Click the links below to purchase on Amazon.

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