Wiersbe Study Bible Review

I was delighted to receive Wiersbe Study Bible (NKJV) for review.  I love Wiersbe’s “Be” series, so to evaluate his study Bible was very exciting for me.

First, I absolutely LOVE the fact that the font is slightly larger in order to easily read.  The cover calls it “comfort print” and I completely agree!  Not only is it easier to read, but it is also easier to underline and highlight because of the tiny bit of extra spacing.

The Bible has the cross-referencing that you are to expect in a study Bible and the same type of format most study Bibles have: red lettering, notes at the bottom half of each page, as well as a concordance and maps in the back.

So let’s get down to the nitty gritty!

At the beginning of each book is an introduction and/or explanation by Wiersbe.  This wasn’t skimped on.  He does a good, thorough introduction for each book.  These introductions are not cut/paste from his “Be” books.  Although they do summarize the “Be” books, there’s more voice from Wiersbe and little extras that are relevant to where the church is present-day.  I compared Proverbs from the “Be” series with the introduction to the book of Proverbs in this Bible. Having read the “Be” series, I can see how the introduction summarizes Wiersbe’s other work, but the intro can stand on its own.  It did not feel repetitive in any way and I loved how fresh the introductions are. I’ve read quite a few study Bibles and the introductions to each book are often stale and the same type of outlook as the other study Bibles.  Wiersbe’s is not this way.  The introductions are fresh, relatable, and applicable.

Another thing I loved about this study Bible is the note section.  Many times, the study notes are barely ¼ of the page.  This is not the case here!  The notes are frequently half the page.  This allows for good explanation, allowing the reader to gain more knowledge about the text.  The notes include knowledge regarding words used, connotation, culture, interpretation, and application.  When studying, you really come away with the feeling that you have a good understanding of what you read.

There are also areas, called CATALYST, where Wiersbe goes beyond the notes and talks about Biblical themes and character issues.  Basically, these are the areas where Wiersbe is guiding you into allowing the Bible to transform your life, and challenging you to make the necessary changes.    Again, like the introductions, I found these notes refreshing.  Although the messages are ones you may have heard before, Wiersbe’s outlook on them is different, expanding how you look at the issue and making sure you have a balanced view of the argument presented.

Near the concordance is also an index of preaching outlines.  As a writer, I found this very useful and preachers will as well.  At the beginning of each book in the Bible is an outline.  This outline organizes the material by subject matter.  The index in the back is the same concept but shows you different ways that you can organize the material in each book of the Bible.

All in all, I found this study Bible a delight!  A very refreshing look at Scripture and very applicable.  I think the layman and the clergy will all appreciate the content of this study Bible.

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