Wars of the Realm: Chuck Black

So some of you are wondering why I’m doing another review of this series.  Plainly, it is because it needs an update!  I hadn’t read the third book at the time of the original post because it had not been written.  I have now read the third one (a while ago) and am re-reading them now.  I realized the last post didn’t include the third book, so I decided to update.

Wow, so if you haven’t checked these books out, do it now!  While attending a homeschool conference, I attended Chuck Black’s lecture.  This lecture on Spiritual Warfare and the family led me to his booth later on the day.  Chuck writes fiction stories about spiritual warfare, the Bible, Honor, etc.  Of course, the ones on spiritual warfare caught my eye.  The series is called “Wars of the Realm.”

Of course, as a military wife and with my spiritual gifts being spiritual discernment and wisdom, I was drawn to this series. His son, working the booth, told me the books were similar to Frank Peretti’s books.  And they are.  Except not quite as frightening. I absolutely love them! I read books 1 and 2 in one day! Unfortunately, I had to wait for the third to be published, but trust me, it was worth the wait!

I highly recommend the books.  However, it is important to keep in mind that these books are fiction. They are not real. Chuck takes concepts from the Bible and applies them to his stories.  Could things happen the way they are portrayed in Chuck’s books?  Sure. But they can also happen other ways.  You may think it odd that I tell people this, but I have known people to read books on spiritual warfare (angels and demons) and they start seeing demons everywhere, have nightmares, etc.  Remember, Jesus has the ultimate victory.  While we are on earth, we need to keep our eyes focused on Jesus.  Know the tactics of Satan. Persevere against him. But do not live in fear of him.

What I like about these books is that you can go to the back and see exactly what is from the Bible, where the author had to fill in, and why/how he filled in the way he did.  I find this resource very helpful.  Being as analytical as I am, I appreciate being able to see what is fact and what is fiction…. and what is fiction but might be fact!  To top it off, this section is super reader-friendly as it goes chapter by chapter, talks about the story in that chapter, and then the scripture regarding that topic.  I like how open the author is about these things, allowing the reader to come to their own conclusions about how the author interpreted certain things.

But if you are a person who just wants an adventure to be on.  You just want to escape reality and live in another story book world for a while, these books will not disappoint!

The book is good for almost any age.  However, due to fighting, emotional scenes (ie – father dying, school shootings, etc), and moral decisions (ie – whether to drink, etc) it is best to introduce the books for older youth who are able to fully understand the choices being made and will not be torn apart emotionally by hard emotional concepts. Example: a 5 year old may find the loss of a father devastating and lose his security or scenes with demonic beings may cause nightmares.

I still have not read all of Chuck Black’s other books.  I am two books into the “Kingdom Series” and have to say, they do not disappoint either!  I highly recommend not only the “War of the Realms” series, but this author.  I have enjoyed all of his books that I have read and I have enjoyed his presentations that I have attended.

Chuck has two other series; “Kingdom Series” and “Knight Series.”  The first is an allegory to the Bible. The whole thing. Although I haven’t read them yet, I am looking forward to it! What’s an allegory? Think of the Narnia books and the way they portray the Bible. Same thing only he uses Midevil concepts instead of a whole other world.

The second series is about concepts like honor, integrity, etc.  Chuck uses knights to portray these things. Again, I haven’t read this series but am looking forward to it!


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