Love’s Complete: A Russian Adoption Journey

This book was a delight to read!  I read it with my seven year old daughter.  She was able to read most of it, with some help and she asked if I could print it out for her because she really liked it!  So, that is a win right there!!

I liked this book because it shows the adoption journey in a way that a child can understand.  It expresses the emotions, but not in an overwhelming way.  It shows the logistics and complications of adoption, but in a way that children comprehend.  My daughter understood what was going on the entire time.  She would comment about how sad the parents were, how frustrating they had to wait, and how happy it was to have a family.

This book really touched my daughter, which made me happy.  As an adult, I was pretty neutral on the book.  However, the interest of my daughter made me recognize the value of it.

I recommend this book for those that want to share the idea of adoption to their children.

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