Hello! I am so glad you are here!

I am a Christ follower, Bible teacher, author, army wife, mom, analyst/writer, and homeschool teacher. The race of life is fast-paced, full of mystery and misery, loneliness and adventure, tragedy and triumph, struggle and repose. Knowing how to complete the race strong, having kept our faith, is sometimes hard to understand. The world is chaotic and there are many voices urging different paths. How do we know which path to run on? Living a life of faith can even go against our own desires, wants, and wishes. Maybe even our logic. But our God rewards those who finish. Delve into God's word with me as we search for what the Bible says about finishing strong. Through God's word, we can know how to stand firm in the faith, and finish the race strong.

My goal is to teach God's word. Scripture is how we know and understand God.  It is to be written on our hearts, infiltrating every aspect of our lives. Yet we live in a complicated world.  There is so much out there to sift through. There are so many things that are deceitful. We can even use the same words as another person and yet mean totally different and contradictory things! How are we to live in times like these? Where right is wrong and wrong is right? When lies and truth are no longer distinguishable? When social norms are flagrantly disrespecting God?

We stand on his word. Firmly, and lovingly. But to do this, we must know God's word. Not the way the world interprets it, or misuses it.  We need to understand what it truly says.  That's what I aim to get at.

As an analyst and teacher, I like to get to the point and show God's word in a logical manner. After all, God loves logic! He created it! We often have a hard time wading through all the teachings, sayings, and such that permeate our minds.  I want to make reading and understanding God's word, as well as how it applies to our lives in this time, easy yet deep.

I hope you will join me on this quest and engage with me!