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ALGERIA Another church is closed and sealed in Algeria, this time, while the congregation worshipped. Pastor says they will continue to meet elsewhere. CHINA Huoshi Church is raided twice in one week, even after it moved its location. There are more reports of churches in China being forced to takeContinue Reading

BURKINA FASO The attacks against Christians in Burkina Faso is rising dramatically.  On June 9 and 10, twin attacks by Islamists killed 29 people. These two attacks bring the total to 6.  In addition to reported deaths, Christians are feeling for their lives. Local Barnabas Fund contacts said that 82 pastorsContinue Reading

Persecution that is rarely covered in the Western media is happening in China.  In Zhejiang province, the government has been trying to take crosses off the churches.  These churches are the few that are allowed to operate in China. Christians have been standing vigil every day/night to ensure that theirContinue Reading