Boko Haram kidnapped four women and cut off their ears. At least one of the women was a Christian.


Living Stone Church has been forcibly closed and forced to cease all activities.

Officials arrest her husband, threaten her 3 year old, and treat her badly. All because she they’re Christian.


Religious freedom defender released from detention after being missing for several days.


Thieves steal the dead body of a priest and demand ransom to have it returned.


Beatings, confessions, conversions, threats… no one is immune. Even an attorney is attacked and a wedding raided. But public pressure is helping Christians in India. Morning Star News encourages Christians worldwide to continue bringing awareness.

As persecution rises in India, the police are becoming more of a foe than a friend.

Believers in Jakarta were beaten and threatened. OpenDoors is asking people to continue bringing awareness to the plight in India.

Christians are being ignored in the new education policy the government is preparing.

Police take no action to investigate the beating of a pastor.


Churches in Java are facing closure. Christians asking for prayer.


Mahrokh Kenbari has received her sentence of one year in prison for “acting against national security.”

Christian woman arrested when she reported to police that other women had assaulted her for not wearing her head scarf properly.


A group of muslims risked their lives to save 20 Christians from an al-Shabaab attack meant to kill them.


After meeting with Myanmar officials for the first time, Christian refugees in Bangladesh were able to express their desire to practice freely in their home country.

Kentucky, a state in the United States, is helping out Karen Christians.


The Global Terrorism Index has rated Nigeria as third most terrorized country in last 4 years.


The family of a 14-year-old girl in Pakistan that was kidnapped and forced to convert and marry is fighting in the courts to save their daughter.

A girl forced to convert and marry her employer has been given back to her parents by the court.


Syrian Christians in the US face deportation if the US government does not act to extend their visas.

Christians are still praying and holding out hope that kidnapped priests will be returned.


Six Christian villages are destroyed by arson in Turkey. Syriac Christians are fearing for their safety in the region.


OpenDoors has an August prayer guide to download for free.

Forced to Flee video from Release International is available to watch for free on YouTube.

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