The pastor and deacon of Early Rain Covenant Church, both imprisoned, are being harassed and manipulated by officials. Their legitimately hired lawyers have been dismissed and replaced with government lawyers.

Two years later, Gao Zhisheng is still missing.


Pastor in Colombia believed to be assassinated because of his participation in marching for peace.


A pastor in Cuba was handed a notice from the police on his 25th wedding anniversary. He was being notified to report to the police station the following day. He was interrogated and told that if he pushed forward with the women’s conference, he would be arrested and charged with disobedience.


Christians in Kashmir are increasingly worried for their safety as their region has lost its autonomy.


A pastor in Uttar Pradesh was dragged from his house and beaten.

Christians at a wedding were targeted by a Hindu mob.

A church in Southern India was burnt to the ground in apparent arson.


A family was expelled from their home, forced to live in the mountains, then extorted for money because they chose to follow Jesus.

A Mexican priest was kidnapped while he was trying to protect Cuban migrants from being abducted and held for ransom.


A pastor in Pakistan is being accused of blasphemy and is consistently harassed by the police because he is trying to build a community center for the village.

The Pakistani Church is against being called a “minority.” It says its contributions to the country are equal to other groups, but they are treated as less than.


Churches are on high alert as security forces have determined that Islamic State affiliated groups are set to target churches in highly populated areas.


Sibling refugees from Iran were granted reprieve and are allowed to stay in Scotland.


After her husband found her Bible, he immediately divorced her, beat her, and took away her two girls.


A Christian student was assaulted by Buddhist monks after church service, August 4.


Sudan Church of Christ is facing criminal charges again as the court reopens the case against them. They are being criminally charged for not handing their denominational control over to the government.


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