Another church is closed and sealed in Algeria, this time, while the congregation worshipped. Pastor says they will continue to meet elsewhere.


Huoshi Church is raided twice in one week, even after it moved its location.

There are more reports of churches in China being forced to take down the 1st Commandment (and sometimes, all 10 Commandments) and replace it with a portrait of the country’s leader.

Pastor’s wife was refused cancer treatment while she was imprisoned.

China has started removing all Christian and religious references in classical literature. This includes many favorites like Robinson Crusoe.

A report has found that 23 our of 29 states are not allowing religious freedom. In addition, 158 cases at least have been cited as violence toward Christians for the first half of this year.


Christians in India have the highest unemployment rate in the country. This is due to the discrimination against them.

On August 10th, “Black Day,” Christians and Muslims joined together to protest the constitutional discrimination that they face.

Christians in a predominantly Hindu village have filed suit against their village claiming discrimination and persecution. Although things have been bad since 2004, they have escalated exponentially since 2016, becoming unbearable.


Christians in Iraq are feeling pressure and incurring threats from militias in the country.


Kidnapped Christians have been released after 6 months of detention.


Several foreign Christians have been arrested in Nepal for their involvement in conversion activities. It has prompted a local Christian leader to request that foreign Christians leave the evangelizing to the local Nepalese church.


Three men were shot, and survived, an attack by the Fulani.

A pastor was killed by the Fulani and his wife abducted. The Fulani are now trying to ransom her back to her family.


Christians protest in Hyderabad as the government threatened to demolish an entire Christian community consisting of 150 homes. This is despite the community being there over 50 years and being up to date in its utility payments and taxes. It would displace 1500+ people.

Despite fear of deportation because the government does not believe their lives are in danger, a Pakistani boy passed all his Scottish exams with excellent grades.

A 15 year old girl was abducted from her home and gang raped by 5 Muslim men for over 24 hours.


Pastors and Christian human rights workers are increasingly being targeted in the Philippines.


Voice of the Martyrs has a prayer list for a kidnapped convert, a burglarized Christian school, and a convert tortured for his faith.

Christian Solidarity Worldwide has a prayer list for this week.

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