Weekly Persecution Round UP


The attacks against Christians in Burkina Faso is rising dramatically.  On June 9 and 10, twin attacks by Islamists killed 29 people. These two attacks bring the total to 6.  In addition to reported deaths, Christians are feeling for their lives. Local Barnabas Fund contacts said that 82 pastors and 1,145 Christians, of 151 households, were fleeing from different locations in northern Burkina Faso


Christians being forced to convert to Buddhism and people being fined for even talking with Christians.  This is what is being reported by a Chin organization in Burma.



A pastor recounts to Christian Broadcasting Network about his time in China.  Chinese Christians make sure to memorize as much as the Bible as possible as soon as they can.  Why?  So that when they go to prison (not if), they will have the Bible in their head.  After all, you can't take away what is hidden in someone's heart.

The wife of imprisoned Pastor Wang Li (Early Rain Covenant Church) was released this week after spending 6 months in jail.

Officials interrupted a Bible study and confiscated all the Bibles.  When the Christians were ordered to register their IDs, they sang hymns instead.  You can read about the incident and watch the video here.

A church in Fujian Province was banned by the Chinese government despite the fact that the government had illegally acted against the church.

The government is focusing on banning foreign religious activities in the country, specifically naming organizations in South Korea and the United States.  If this law is put into place, it would severely hamper missionary activities in the country. In addition, undercover agents would work to learn the identities of members so that their information could be placed in a database.

In Qingdao city, the government has banned worship hymns and demanded the church sing hymns provided by the government.  These hymns are full of praise of country and other secular motifs.

A priest who spent 17 years in labor camps and 27 years of house arrest, has died.  The government is refusing to allow him a public funeral and is also refusing to allow him to be buried in a Christian cemetery.


An mob of Muslims attacked a church after a Facebook post insulted Islam.  However, the facebook account had been hacked and the owner quickly took down the post.  This did not deter the local Muslims from banning together as a mob and attacking Christians.

The National Review reports on attacks that Christians have been facing in Egypt.  An attack in El MInya led to assault and destruction of homes with only one perpetrator being arrested.


An update on three families who were forced from their homes in Chhattisgarh State.  The families are hungry as the village dumps all extra, usable food in the drain so the families cannot access food.  Their homes are in ruins. The 25 people have a shed that the women and infants stay in to shelter from the sun.  This account also exposes three other cases in India where Christians are left without necessities for life.

This growing persecution in India is the reason behind my request for prayer this week.


Tabriz Evangelical Church had its cross removed and its locks changed as the government raided its facilities.


Agenzia Fides reports that Christians in Diffa are being threatened by Boko Haram.  However, there is no mass exodus of Christians from the town.  Most are staying there.


A court hearing has been set for June 25th for the couple who has been accused of blasphemy.  They have been in prison for five years. Defense lawyer is Saif-ul Malook, who represented Asia Bibi, is representing the couple who have been falsely accused of blasphemy and then sentenced to death.

Christian cemetery is being vandalized.  Crosses on the graves are being broken.



The Easter bombings in Sri Lanka left many dead and injured as well as put worldwide attention on the increasing pressure on Christians.  This week, Saudi Arabia extradited five Sri Lankans that are wanted for their connections to that bombing and India has made an arrest of a suspected participant as well. . Additionally, the Christian man who aided many victims during the attacks, and ended up in the hospital for 40 days, has succumbed to his injuries and has died.

St. Anthony's, attacked on Easter by a bomb, reopened and is again servicing the community's Christians.


A primary school in Uganda had one of its two buildings destroyed by Muslims.  This particular school had been receiving threats due to its Christian education, worship services, and its mission to help children who left Islam for Christianity and had been disowned by their families (a total of 57 students are previous Muslims).  The damage is around $4,500.


Barnabas Aid reported that Muslims in prisons are setting up Christians for beatings.  In addition, they are working to get Christian chaplains kicked out of the prisons as well. Non-Muslims are being forced and/or coerced into converting to Islam.  Prisoners who refuse are beaten, lied about (in order to create hardships on the prisoner), and bullied.  The Muslim gangs enforcing this within the prisons are hierarchical and strategic.

Pray for prison systems worldwide.  Pray for those incarcerated, that Jesus' love would be evident and would spread throughout the prison systems like wildfire.




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