In Chains: July 2019 Week 1

Churches are being demolished and crosses removed, yet any who speak out about it are detained and face reprisals.

Early Rain Covenant member recounts what Christians in China are facing.

Religious minorities, including Christians, in China are sent to re-education camps in order to transform their thoughts to be in line with Communist party policies.

Pastor John Cao’s hearing has been postponed until August 22nd. The North Carolina pastor was arrested crossing the border from Myanmar/Burma.

Authorities are pressuring landlords with threats and fines in order to keep them from renting property to Christians. The landlords are being accused of providing aid to illegal organizations.

Egypt has granted permits to 127 churches, making them legal!

And evangelical church in Ethiopia has been forced to close its doors after 10 year. Officials state it is due to complaints of noise.

The widow of a pastor in India was threatened because of her continued involvement in carrying on her husband’s work.  A mob threatened her say that if she did not leave she would watch her son get burned alive.

A team of pastors found that they were not safe from villagers or police when it came to handing out gospel tracts. The villagers forced the police to detain them.

Five Iranian converts were summoned to serve their prison sentences.

The cross on Tabriz Evangelical Church has been restored!

Eight Christian converts were arrested and are being detained.

Priest reports that only 40 Christians have returned to Mosul. Fear keeps them away.

An independent report out of the UK has indicted Buhari with mass killings of Christians by Fulani tribesmen.

Two teenagers were arrested on their way to a cricket match. Police allege that they received blasphemous material on WhatsApp. Christian community claims the charges are false.

Pakistani refugees in Thailand were victims of a massive sweep of arrests. Because Thailand refuses to give them asylum and treats them as illegals, and because the UNHCR is so slow, these refugees are often unable to get a third country to take them in. While waiting for the process to complete with Canada, these refugees were rounded up and taken to detention facilities where most end up suffering and/or dying due to the squalor conditions.  It has been discovered that some of those detained were in process to third country status and others had already been granted refugee status.  Despite this, all are required to go to the detention centers that are so bad many die.

Barnabas Aid highlights that although Asia Bibi has been freed from death row, there are still 8 people accused of blasphemy that are facing death.

An 11-year-old boy, who was working to help pay for his schooling, was beaten to death by his employer. Lawyers are decrying a society that marginalizes minorities and the poor to such an extent that a Muslim employer feels it ok to beat a Christian child to death.

Pastor accused of blasphemy is released from prison two years later. Unfortunately, his health is so bad from his treatment in detention that he is unable to return to his church.

A car bomb was detonated in front of a Syrian Orthodox church, killing 11. One of those murdered was an 8 year old. Christians are asking for prayers from the body of Christ.

There are calls for Cambodia to fulfill its promises to protect the Christian Vietnamese refugees that are in the country. Cambodia is attempting to repatriate the refugees back to Vietnam.