I apologize for the confusion of last week. I accidentally published the 3rd week of August in place of the 2nd week, instead of creating a new post. Not sure how it happened, but it did. So now, I will start using the week of the year to delineate what is being covered. The news for week 33 will be posted on the first day of week 34. That way, there is no doubt about which week we are discussing! Again, sorry for the confusion, the learning curve has been adjusted! 🙂


A look into the Christian’s life in Afghanistan. There are 48,000 mosques and no churches.


Christians in Algeria are asking for prayer regarding the government’s efforts to close down churches.


Christians in Burkina Faso are saying that their country, known for religious tolerance, is becoming a hotbed for extremism


Elder Li Yingqiang, of Early Rain Covenant Church, has been released! Although he has lost some weight, he is otherwise healthy.

More information about the Early Rain Covenant Church members treatment in prison. They are stripped naked and humiliated while on camera.

Pastor John Cao has been moved to a prison in Kunming.


Kazakhstan is increasingly restricting religious freedoms. In the most recent incident, the government is harassing a church trying to follow the law.


Forty catholic pilgrims were stopped on their journey and assaulted by Hindu extremists. Six people have been arrested for this crime.

Hindu nationalism is increasing. Christians in parts of India are suffering under extremism.


Pastor is shot point-blank during a worship service days after another pastor is kidnapped.


Priest narrowly escapes an attempt On his life. This just days after other clergymen have been murdered.


A Pakistani Christian, in Thailand and seeking asylum in Canada, has had to have his family moved for the second time as their location has been leaked to extremists.


From Voice of the Martyrs: A Hmong believer has been hospitalized as a result of poor treatment in prison, where he has spent the last year on false charges because of his Christian faith. After Kaub became a Christian, villagers destroyed his house. Although local police ordered village leaders to allow Kaub to remain in the village, they later arrested him on theft charges as he gathered wood in the forest to build a new home. He has suffered under forced labor and harsh prison conditions, his health deteriorating so much recently that authorities took him to the hospital … in handcuffs. Kaub asked the church to pray for him and told his wife he believes he is about to die. Pray for Kaub and other Hmong believers.


CSW’s weekly prayer sheet.

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