We often see the injustices in the world but don’t know how to begin tackling the issue. We raise a fuss about the things we see, but seldom put out a hand to help. In his book “Vulnerable” Raleigh Sadler redefines the way Christians should think about these issues and walks the reader through easy things that they can do to make an impact that has lasting effects. Continue Reading

“Worship Essentials” by Mike Harland is a refreshing look at what makes worship, worship.  So many churches and people in today’s society argue, fight, and war over the music portion of the church’s service.  Those who aren’t fighting are agonizing over how to have the “right” kind of worship experience.Continue Reading

I was very excited to receive this book for review!  I am always looking for a good devotional to use with the family.  And this book did not disappoint! Written by a father/son duo, this devotion really brings plenty of opportunity for family learning, growing, and discussing. I have aContinue Reading