Psalm 23: Jennifer Rothschild

This was my first study with Jennifer Rothschild. I had no idea what to expect. I found her DVD lecture series nice and calm, with hints of laughter. I very much appreciated this as sometimes the lecture DVDs in Bible studies can be very intense. However, her lectures were calm. This calmness did not mean that the lectures were devoid of scriptural meat. No, there was plenty of that in there as well!

The book work was nice and easy to follow. I like how this study dug deep into the Scripture.

I only gave this study three stars on Goodreads. You may find this odd considering I gave the study a favorable review. You see, although I did not care for the style of this study, and although I did not grow much from his study, I think the study is well worth the time. For me personally, I did not grow much from the study, but that is because my growth in this particular area has happened recently already.

However, that does not take away from the study itself. For someone who hasn’t learned these concepts, or experienced them (gone through them and come out on the other side), this study will be immensely beneficial. Mrs. Rothschild’s thought processes are easy to follow and packed full of benefit.

The study was a good reminder for me, but can be transformational for others.

I can only rate things based on my experience. However, I believe that for those that have not traversed these roads before, or need clarity to see through them, will rate this study with five stars. So, it comes recommended!

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