This book review took me a while. Although I am very knowledgeable about trafficking, human and otherwise, this book altered my thinking in the way I respond. You see, I have always had a strong sense for justice and injustices incense me. In fact, I pursued careers that were designed to help people and be the hero of the day. As many of you know, I left those careers behind for a myriad of reasons.

Yet this book addressed how I look at human trafficking (and other social injustices) in regards to my walk with Christ. This book, although speaking to human trafficking, really gets down to how we, as Christians, should respond to social injustices as the body of Christ. He teaches the practical side of the issue; what to look for, how to recognize situations, what to do if you see something suspicious. He also teaches the spiritual side of it, the heart and mind issues.

It boils down to vulnerability. When you are vulnerable, you can reach the vulnerable. As the body of Christ, we are all about reaching people. Not just to help them, but also to show them the love of Jesus. We have a savior who died to save all of us, including those we are trying to help. We aren’t meant to be those people’s savior/hero, we are meant to lead them to the savior. It isn’t easy. It’s completely risky. But it is completely doable. It doesn’t take much, but it does take time.

It takes time and it takes intentionality. This book leads you through that. It teaches you about human trafficking, things you may or may not have known (FYI – human trafficking does not look like it does on TV), as well as how to be vulnerable and to love those that are vulnerable. In a very practical way, Raleigh Sadler walks you through how you can easily be effective at having a huge impact in someone’s life and in your community.

Throughout the book, you get a very real and truthful glimpse into the journey that Raleigh Sadler himself went through. What I love about this book is that in addition to teaching about human trafficking and the scriptural basis for the things he is teaching, you also see his journey. That journey shows the messiness in how we, as Christians, learn what God has in store for us. It isn’t always clean and simple, it is often a process that involves learning and relearning, following then messing up, making mistakes and having God redeem them.

This book teaches you to give yourself permission to be vulnerable, to take risks, and to truly love. Anyone who has been vulnerable, taken risks, or truly loved wholly will tell you, it is messy. You have major ups and downs, there will be insecurities and mistakes, you may be hurt or do the hurting, and it is always a journey for the long haul. As he says in his book, “Though we like to insulate ourselves from risk and scarcity, Jesus is calling us to embrace it.” Our lives are not meant to be safe. They are meant for love.

This book will take a while to go through, especially if you take the time to pray and think over the concepts. However, it is well worth your time. You will learn about human trafficking, how you can respond, how to grow in your Christian walk, how to see other people with God’s eyes, how to love others in a way that has impact, and how to be the body of Christ to others.

As Martin Luther said, and Raleigh Sadler included in this book, “God doesn’t need your good works, but your neighbor does.” Take a risk, and let Raleigh Sadler lead you through this transformation.

Raleigh Sadler speaks and writes on the topics of vulnerability and human trafficking. He has been published at The Gospel Coalition, The Huffington Post, and The Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, among others. In 2013, he began a movement called Let My People Go, which grew into a nonprofit organization that comes alongside and empowers local churches to address the injustice of human trafficking in a holistic manner.

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