GraceFull: Book Review

I was excited to receive this book for review. I love being able to read with my seven-year-old! The colors and illustrations were very pleasing to my child, and she was excited to sit down and read it.

The story line was great and my daughter followed along easily. She came away understanding that we are to be kind to our neighbors and to try and help whenever you can. She also understood that people shouldn’t judge others and that sometimes bad things just happen to people.

However, I am not sure that my daughter understands being full of grace any better than she did before. The analogies used made sense to me and I found them useful, but I’m not sure my seven-year-old comprehended them. Maybe in a year or so, she will grasp the concept better. It is a hard concept after all!

I do recommend this book for those looking to expose children to the idea of homelessness and how to help others. It is very good for this message and the ideas came across very clearly.

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