“Who Will Play With Me?” by Slugs & Bugs creator Randall Goodgame is a wonderfully cute story for children about friendship, forgiveness, and helping out.

I have a seven year old daughter and I had her read the book to me. She was able to easily read “normal” words and had a blast figuring out the “weird” words (like “slurshy soggy”)! When she was finished we talked about what she learned.

She very easily told me that the story was about how to be a good friend, that we needed to help our friends out, that we all have different gifts/abilities, and that we should be nice and forgiving. All that without my prompting! That’s a win!

While reading, she was definitely enjoying the book as she often smiled and laughed. It was a very enjoyable time reading the book with her and I felt as if she organically learned some valuable lessons.

I recommend this book for as young as five years old, if you are reading it to your child. For older children, or children with good reading abilities, it is super fun to have them read it.

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