“Why God?” Book Review

“Why God?” by Dan Dewitt is written in a way that kids will completely understand. That’s what I love about this book! While an adult may find the thinking process a little scattered, children follow along and love it!

Richard and Hope are a brother and sister who are trying to figure out why we believe in God. After all, there are people at school who don’t, so why do we?

Together, with their mom, they explore the ideas of how great God is and what we can actually see with our eyes that shows he is there. From astronomy, biology, weather, and more, the book shows how we can see clues to God’s existence in our everyday experiences.

The book goes a little further and touches on why there are bad things in the world. But the part I love the most is the end. Dan Dewitt makes sure that everyone understands that it is not enough to just know about God. We need to have a relationship with him.

This book covers some hard concepts in a way that a child could understand. My daughter liked the book and came away with more understanding. She was not confused despite the fact that the book covers questions that are hard to explain.

I like that I can rely on this book to help explain things to my daughter in a way that she will understand. I gave this book a 4 star rating (out of 5) because of this. It did not receive a 5-star rating solely because of my lay-it-out method.

When I come across a book and want to see how well received it is, I ask questions. However, often, kids give you the answers they think you want. So I also leave the book out for a week and see how often I’m asked to read it. I was only asked to read it one additional time. Because of that, I took off one star.

I definitely recommend this book. It is a great conversation starter with your kids and also helps them reflect on the hard questions.

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