ALGERIA Christians in Algeria are still confident in God, despite the increasing pressure from the government. BURMA/MYANMAR New report sheds more light into the persecution Christians, and other minorities, face in the country. CHINA A megachurch in China is demolished and its two pastors detained. A pastor is still inContinue Reading

ALGERIA Two churches in Algeria are closed by authorities. ***** The government closes third church in a week. CHINA True Jesus Church, although legal, was raided, members forced out, and the church demolished by authorities. ***** The government forbids African students from worshipping in churches. States it is worried aboutContinue Reading

Nicholas Raymond, ALGERIA Algeria ranks #32 on the World Watch List and is the focus of our prayers this week. In 2006, Ordinance 06-03 was introduced.  It restricts the exercise of any religion other than Islam.  Therefore, it is also illegal to evangelize there.   Christians are less than 1%Continue Reading