Another church has been forced closed in Algeria, this one servicing two congregations. This comes during a time of increased tensions between non-Muslim faiths and the government. The government is requiring churches to be licensed in order to operate. However, the government is refusing to issue licenses.


After closing a church that serviced two congregations, the government has closed another church, without warning. The government continues to target unregistered Protestant churches yet refuses to look at their registration applications.


A priest in Brazil was murdered and items stolen from the church. The police are investigating. It is unclear if this attack was because of his sermons against violence.


The members of the Early Rain Covenant Church are still being harassed daily and some members are still in custody.


Catholic Churches recognized by the Chinese government were forced to hold flag raising ceremonies where the members sang Chinese songs and were told to pray for China.


Agenzia Fides reports that the number of legalized churches in Egypt rises to 1171.



Christians gathered to protest the mass burnings of churches and the attacks on the Christian community.


Youth pastor, blacklisted by gangs and fleeing the violence and threats, was able to secure asylum in the United States.


The government has passed a national anti-conversion law. This law requires all NGOs to register their workers and to sign an agreement that they will not engage in conversion activities. This hinders evangelistic efforts in the country significantly.


One Christian killed and two others in the hospital over suspicion of killing a cow. Violence against Christians in India is on the rise.


Christian girls in Kerala are being targeted by ISIS for love-jihad. The government is requesting a probe in order to find a way to stop it.


Even prisoners in jail are being threatened to not worship together.


Three prisoners received their sentences. They will spend 6 months in prison for “propagation against the System through promoting Zionist Christianity.”


Because they are Christian converts, the boys of pastor Yousef are not being given their certificates for completing high school. The government is demanding that they go through Islamic school first.


Rohingya Christians are persecuted to the point that they flee. But in this case, they are persecuted in the refugee camps that they seek refugee in, finding no relief.


It has been a full decade since Boko Haram started terrorizing Christians.


A boy whose mother was recently killed saw his father murdered as militants went door to door looking for Christians.


Despite ransom being paid, the pastor’s wife was still murdered.


The government starts a new probe into the Easter bombings as Catholics raise concerns that the current probes are not independent.


A look into Turkey. Many are watching Turkey as it is increasingly refusing re-entry to Christians. Many fear this is the start to persecution of Christian citizens.


The government is continuing to interfere with the patriarchal elections of the Armenian church.


Christians demonstrated outside the UN meeting, demanding Pakistan stop persecuting Christians.


It was reported to the Human Rights Council that China is illegally harvesting the organs of religious minorities, including Christians.


Vice President Mike Pence (USA) criticized Iran-backed militias in Iraq for terrorizing Christians and Yezidis.


President Trump (USA) spoke to the UN, stating that 11 Christians are killed for their faith every day and that his administration is pledging $25 million to help save religious relics from being destroyed.


President Trump slammed China over its abuses to the Christian community. The Chinese representative accused Trump of using religious freedom as an avenue to yell at other countries.


Activists praise President Trump (USA) for being the first president to take a stand for persecuted Christians, but they say the US needs to do more.


Vietnam is criticized for its human rights abuses.


Three churches in El Paso, Texas were targeted for arson. FBI asking for help in finding perpetrators.


A Christian human rights lawyer details his persecution while representing religious minorities.


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