Christians in Algeria are still confident in God, despite the increasing pressure from the government.


New report sheds more light into the persecution Christians, and other minorities, face in the country.


A megachurch in China is demolished and its two pastors detained.

A pastor is still in jail 8 months after his arrest. He was arrested for refusing to change the church sign from “Love God and People” to “Love Country and Religion.”

Gou Zhongcan, from Early Rain Covenant Church, has been released from prison!


Sign a petition to urge the government of India to hold Hindu extremists accountable when committing atrocities against Christians.

A pastor in Gujarat was assaulted by 8 Hindu men. Despite losing 1.5 liters of blood from his head, and the first hospital refusing to treat him, he is still alive today.


Mother and children are still without a permanent home 7 months after Muslim extremists burnt their home down.

A Muslim driver saved the lives of 8 Christians from al-Shabaab. Despite being sprayed with bullets which led to a flat tire, the group managed to escape.


Posters at bus stops in Konya are urging Muslims to not make friends with Christians or Jews.


Prayer sheet for Leah Sharibou.

CSW’s weekly prayer sheet