After successfully thwarting the government’s first attempt to shut down their church, the church is now sealed shut and the government is threatening to arrest the church leaders.


A report has been published in Ireland regarding the effects of the Sinicization police to Christians.

Bethany House, a catholic-run orphanage for children with disabilities, had their children taken away by the Shanxi government.


The BJP party in one state has passed strict anti-conversion laws that have Christians very worried.

Hindu extremists demand the death of a man who showed a Christian video at the home of a woman. A mob collects at the house of the hostess and demands the Christians be released to the move.

Voice of the Martyrs reports: Two men held falsely responsible for the catalyst to the 2008 anti-Christian Kandhamal riots have been released. India’s Supreme Court ordered the release of Garnath Chalanseth in May and Bijaya Sanset in July. Four other Christian men remain in prison. Many blamed the men for the murder of Hindu priest Swami Laxmanananda Saraswati, which incited massive riots that lasted for days and resulted in the destruction of thousands of homes and the displacement of about 50,000 people. Seeking to resolve the situation, authorities arrested the six Christian men, who were falsely convicted of Swami Saraswati’s murder and imprisoned. It has taken nearly a decade for their various legal appeals to be heard. Pray for the release of the other four men who are still in prison.


Fatemeh Bakhteri has started her prison term.


Baptist pastor has been released after 17 days of torture by the Fulani.

Leah Sharibu is alive! Her parents lament over the government’s lazy approach to getting her back.


In the third incident in a week, a 15 year old girl was forced to convert to Islam by her Arabic teacher.


Protestants in Russia are finding it increasingly harder to worship as laws are contradictory and ill-applied as local government officials are prejudiced against them.


Report says that the Syrian government is responsible for 61% of the targeting of churches in its country.


A mother of 7 is homeless after her deceased husband’s family attacked them.


“Last Words of the Martyrs” is now available for purchase.

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