In this new and revised edition of Zig Ziglar’s book, “Secrets of Closing the Sale,” Kevin Harrington adds his expertise and experiences from using the concepts within the book. Ziglar’s concepts are as true today as they were when the book was originally written, however there are many more avenues within the sales market with the growing technology.

Kevin Harrington attributes his success to the lessons learned from Ziglar’s book. Combining those concepts with new and advancing technology, he has been able to create a business that has sold over 5 billion products and services through infomercials! He was an original Shark Tank member and is a best selling author. He brings his expertise in taking Ziglar’s models and applying them to the new technology. This is a great asset to the book and helps those who are more timid about using technology to see the usefulness of it.

As is usual with Ziglar’s books, this book applies to more people than just those that sell products. Anyone who has to rely on others coming along side them or embracing their ideas will benefit from this book. It is a book on how to communicate and how to put others first.

The book is easy to read and flows well. You won’t get bored. It is recommended to read the book several times to get everything from it. I completely agree. By reading it several times, using the method described in the book, the reader is easily able to capture the concepts, learn them, apply them, and record their own ideas regarding their own business.

I will be using these concepts to pitch my next book to publishers and agents. As an author, I not only need to convince publishers and agents, but I will need to sell the book to readers. Finding the readers’ needs and filling them is what I as an author am trying to do. So the book by Ziglar fits perfectly in helping me develop the skills to communicate my ideas to others.

I highly recommend this book, like I do most Ziglar books. The additions by Kevin Harrington are an encouragement and a fresh look at classic concepts. If you haven’t read this book, or you’re looking to read it again, pick up this copy!

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