Where is the US in Iraq?

I don’t know where to begin.  I look at the world and it seems that it is falling apart.  I look at the Christian community and I see it being torn apart.  Iraq has been under siege for quite some time.  A genocide has been taking place.  And yet, the US seems to not even notice.  France is even offering refuge to the Christians displaced in Iraq, but not the US.

In fact, the only reason we sent air strikes was because the administration feared having another Benghazi.  In other words, it didn’t want the political fallout that would occur (again) if US citizens died at an embassy.  But allowing a genocide to happen is ok? That’s not enough to spur us into action?

And the action we do take is only to contain, not destroy? Why would you allow such an organization to exist if you had the power to get rid of it? What is good about this group?  

I’m not saying that we should or shouldn’t send in ground troops.  I don’t know the answer to that question and I’m not qualified to make that decision.  But we could offer asylum. We are prepared to give it to children from Central and South America. Why can’t we give it to a people group that is having their children beheaded and their heads put on display because of their religion? Why can’t we give asylum to the people being exterminated?

We haven’t even sent aid until this week.  And it wasn’t enough.  There are tens of thousands of Christians stuck on the top of a mountain.  They can die of starvation at the top, or die by the sword at the bottom.  Is this acceptable?

The Kurds have been begging for weaponry to fight ISIS.  They aren’t begging for intervention. They want to protect themselves.  And they have taken Christians into their protection. But they need weapons. Why can’t we give it?

And where is the outrage in the Christian community?  Our religion, our spiritual family, is being annihilated.  Where are our voices? Many of us live in relatively free societies.  Stand up! Write your government, call your government, do what needs to be done.  Our brothers and sisters are being systematically killed. Faith without deeds is dead.

Pray.  Pray for them and pray that God will show you a way to help.

And pray for the US. We are supposed to be a beacon of light. We stand for religious freedom, and protection from tyranny. We saved the world from Hitler! We freed Iraq! What are we doing today? Are we upholding our traditions and history? Pray for our nation. We need God.