Opinions are Everywhere! How Do We Address Them? Opinions are absolutely everywhere!  I love this meme!  And who doesn’t relate to Woody, completely overwhelmed with all the opinions being spouted everywhere!  Our society is FULL of opinions all over the place.  The news has people who are paid to onlyContinue Reading

Wow, I was just convicted by the Holy Spirit! While watching Part 2 of David Jeremiah’s Spiritual Warfare videos, he gave this imagery about Satan talking to his demons. “As long as Christians stay close to God, we have no power of them.  So this is how you gain victoryContinue Reading

Here it is! The February “In Chains” magazine.  This month, there are embedded video files for you to check out.  Let me tell you, persecution is not going away.  This month, the magazine grew significantly in size.  I could barely keep up with my emails and statistics.  We are inContinue Reading

  It’s amazing how God works sometimes.  I had been contemplating this very issue and applying its concepts to my life when it was reinforced today through one of my church’s pastors.  This pastor does not normally preach. He might be the youth pastor, not sure (we are new toContinue Reading

As I go through shops or sit outside, I am reminded that school is getting ready to start.  Sales on school items, buses practicing their routes, and a frenzy pretty much everywhere you go. Unless of course, you are behind the bus. Then there is no frenzy and you won’tContinue Reading

I don’t know where to begin.  I look at the world and it seems that it is falling apart.  I look at the Christian community and I see it being torn apart.  Iraq has been under siege for quite some time.  A genocide has been taking place.  And yet, theContinue Reading

As I sit and read the news, I am absolutely astounded at our government.  Today, a town in CA, through peaceful protests, managed to turn bus loads of illegal immigrants away.  The buses were headed for their town.  They were packed full of people who had crossed the border, notContinue Reading