Help Iraqi Christians

And to know that there are people in this world who are
persecuted because of their faith should be a warning — to you who live
in freedom — to become better, stronger Christians, and a spur to
demonstrating your own faith as you confront the difficulties of your
own society, as well as to the recognition that you too are confronted
with a certain degree of persecution because of your faith, even in the
 ~ The Chaldean archbishop of the Iraqi city of Mosul, Archbishop Amel Shamon Nona 

seems that I am constantly writing updates on our brothers and sisters
in Christ in the ISIS controlled areas of Mesopotamia.  The situation
there is constantly deteriorating. It seems that there are no more Christians in Iraq, they have all been displaced.  I’m going to spend some time here
explaining how you can help.  If you are
feeling any of the feelings I am, you are angry, want to help, praying
fervently, and crying in anguish.  I am using these feelings/emotions to
help others learn/understand and act.  I am still learning as well. 
But I hope to help others gain the knowledge of how to help. This page will be updated frequently, so please bookmark it.

image is being used throughout the social media world.  People are
changing their profile pictures to this image in order to show their
solidarity with the Christians in the ISIS controlled areas.

image is the Arabic letter for “N”.  In Arabic, the word used for
Christians is derived from the same word as “Nazarene.”  ISIS gave
Christians an ultimatum: convert or die.  After this ultimatum was
given, ISIS went through and labeled Christian houses, stores, etc with
this letter.  It indicates that the property is to be seized by ISIS
because it belongs to Christians. Does this remind you of another time
in history (WWII)? Christians around the world are using this picture to
bring attention to the plight of Christians in the Islamic State (IS – 
previously known as ISIS).

can send money through International Christian Concern to help out the
displaced Christians in the area.  This is a legitimate organization
that is helping these families, who now have nothing. You can go to this
link to donate. Remember to print a receipt as your donation is tax deductible (US citizens).

If you want to read about their program in Iraq/Syria, you can go to this link
This organization is providing food, water, sleeping supplies, and
more.  They have also been able to show the Jesus movie to help uplift
these Christians.  Many commented on how seeing the movie helped them
their burdens become lighter by seeing how Jesus suffered for them.

Money is also being accepted through OpenDoors.  They are providing food, water, and shelter. This is also a reputable institution and your donation is tax deductible.
Change The Lives Of Persecuted Christians In Iraq & Syria

Hashtag is being used to promote the issues of the Christians in ISIS
controlled areas.  Changing your profile pic? Posting a story about the
Christians? Anything related, use this hashtag.  This is very similar to
the campaign #BringBackOurGirls in Nigeria.  So if you want to bring
awareness to this issue, maybe put some political pressure on your
representatives, use this hashtag.

encourage you to write you representatives. Check out the Country
Contact page for info on where/how to send.  I will update it as
frequently as I find information. OpenDoors, an advocacy group for
persecuted Christians, has asked that people write the Iraqi Ambassador
in Australia.

“WRITING- to the
Iraqi Ambassador in Australia who gives millions of dollars in aid to
Iraq to encourage them to act. We want them to ensure there are better
safeguards in place for Christians who want to stay and be a witness in

Go to this link to petition the White House to support the Christian Community in Iraq. 

Go to this link to give money to provide food to the displaced Iraqi people.

your solidarity with a t-shirt that has the Arabic letter “N” on it. 
Money from each shirt will be given to the ICC to help the Christians
in Iraq. 

Voice of the Martyrs is also selling T-shirts with the Arabic letter “N” on it as well as “I Am In” on the back.  50% of the sales go to support Iraqi Christians. 


your solidarity with a pin that has the Arabic letter “N” on it.  All proceeds will be donated to help the displaced Christians. They are $5 per pin.