Being Under Satan’s Yoke

Wow, I was just convicted by the Holy Spirit!

While watching Part 2 of David Jeremiah’s Spiritual Warfare videos, he gave this imagery about Satan talking to his demons.

“As long as Christians stay close to God, we have no power of them.  So this is how you gain victory over Christians:

1) Keep them busy with non-essentials.
2) Tempt them to overspend and go in debt.
3) Make them work long hours to maintain empty lifestyles.
4) Discourage them from spending family time. For when families disintegrate, there is no refuge from work.
5) Overstimulate their minds with television and computers so they cannot hear God speaking to them.
6) Fill their coffee tables with newspapers and magazines so they have no time to read the Bible.
7) Flood their mailboxes with sweepstakes and get-rich-quick schemes that keep them chasing material things.
8) Put glamorous models on TV to keep them focused on outward appearances so that they will be dissatisfied with themselves and dissatisfied with their mates. 
9) Make sure couples are too exhausted for physical intimacy so that they will start to look elsewhere.
10) Emphasize Santa and Easter Bunny to divert them from real meaning of holidays.
11) Involve them in good activities so that they will not have time for eternal activities.
12) Make them self sufficient so they will never know God’s power working through them.”

I was smacked in the face!  How many of these do I fall under?  More than I care to admit, I have to say.  Although this story was not real, it isn’t far off either.  Seriously, Satan may have actually had this conversation.  We don’t know that, but one thing I do know, all 12 of these things are definitely things that keep Christians under Satan’s control and not God’s.

David Jeremiah goes on and talks about being busy.  Sometimes, being busy simply means “Being Under Satan’s Yoke.”  Wow, if that doesn’t convict!

So often in Western society, we fall under these 12 things.  Many times, there is nothing inherently wrong with our activities.  But if our activities are keeping us from the eternal focus that God wants us to have, we are missing the mark.  And a lot of the time, we don’t even know it.  We are allowing ourselves to be blind to how we are being distracted.

Where do you stand today?  I know that I have some work to do.  I need to clear out some of my distractions.  And I really need to make certain things a priority in order to keep Satan from a having a foothold in my life.

I highly recommend listening in on these sermons.  You can YouTube them.  They are eye opening and some times convicting!


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