Illegals vs. Veterans

As I sit and read the news, I am absolutely astounded at our government.  Today, a town in CA, through peaceful protests, managed to turn bus loads of illegal immigrants away.  The buses were headed for their town.  They were packed full of people who had crossed the border, not in CA, but in other states.  There are so many crossing the border, that CBP can’t process them fast enough.

“We are overwhelmed with [people] coming out of Texas,” he said. “We are
putting them in hotels, anywhere we can find a bed. We process them,
and then they either bond out or are released on their own recognizance.
We don’t have the space to hold them.”~ Border Patrol

What does that mean?  It means that every person who crosses the border is entitled to processing medically as well as with paperwork.  And the people in CA did not want people in their town that had not been screened for diseases and illnesses.  Who would blame them? See below what a medical workers stated in an anonymous interview.

She said children in the camp had measles, scabies, chicken pox and strep throat as well as mental and emotional issues.

“It was not a good atmosphere in terms of health,” she said. “I would
be talking to children and lice would just be climbing down their

A former nurse at the camp told me she was horrified by what she saw.

“We have so many kids coming in that there was no way to control all
of the sickness – all this stuff coming into the country,” she said. “We
were very concerned at one point about strep going around the base.”

But that’s not all.  As we deal with this “humanitarian crisis” we are leaving our veterans out to dry.  As we process, spend money, and heal those that entered our country ILLEGALLY, our own citizens who put their lives on the line for our country are denied medical treatment!!!  Whether or not you agree with the Administration about the illegal immigrant question, this is wrong!

“Claims these immigrants have a ‘credible fear’ of violence coming home
are a flat-out lie,” the Border Patrol agent said. “The kids say they
are here to see their mother, father or relative. The adults are working
from a script. They all use the same words. When you dig deeper, they
tell you the truth. They are here because a relative told them to come.
They are here because they’ve been told they can stay. And it’s true. We
are giving them a free pass. It is terribly frustrating for us who were
hired to enforce the law.”

It’s frustrating for CBP and intolerable for our veterans! But that’s not all.  While CBP is trying to deal with all these people, our borders are being left unprotected!

Ron Zermeno, of the National Border Patrol Council, said union
members are no longer able to enforce the border because they are all
dealing with illegal immigrants who already made it across.

“Our K-9 teams have been kenneled,” he said. “Everybody in the field
has been taken out and placed to process. We have 72 hours to process
140, because we’ll be getting another 140 in 72 hours.”

So, in the not too distant future, we may be activating our National Guard to protect our border because our Border Patrol is too busy giving medical treatment to non-citizens!  Yeah, the same National Guard who may not get healthcare for their injuries because our VA system is not being overhauled!

Are you kidding me?!

And the medical staff caring for these illegals is warning America.

“There were several of us who wanted to talk about the camps, but the
agents [security for medical workers] made it clear we would be arrested,” a psychiatric counselor told
me. “We were under orders not to say anything.”

“Everyone was paranoid,” she said. “The children had more rights than the workers.”

Workers were stripped of their cell phones and were instructed to abide by the Brown Shirt laws (the name given to the security detail sent to protect them). A few spoke out about these secret government health camps.  They face imprisonment for doing so.  The conditions are terrible.  Medical workers are quitting their jobs because of the ethical problems with the way the government is forcing them to cover up what is going on.

Sound familiar?  Sounds a lot like the VA.  Only this time, the government itself is hushing up the workers.  In this case, the workers are trying to do the right thing and are facing imprisonment and are being forced to choose between income and ethics.

So it sounds like the VA scandal isn’t the only scandal going on.  The same scandal is repeating itself.  The administration has decided that the VA had the right idea.  Hide things from the public, shut up whistle blowers, deny everything, and above all, treat everyone better than our veterans, even those who aren’t citizens.