No Man Left Behind?

No man left behind?  Mr. Obama, you can’t even grasp the concept.

  • You left behind our Iraqi allies to fend for themselves.  By the way, this is after our loved ones left body parts behind while trying to liberate Iraqi cities that are now overrun by terrorists.  
  • You released five top leaders of one of the US’s top enemies.  Those leaders will spend their lives ensuring that more of our American Soldiers and their body parts are left behind in their battlegrounds.
  • You left behind four Americans in Benghazi.  Not to mention that one of those four was a person in your own administration.  Yeah, you left behind one of your own.  On purpose.
  • You left behind Pastor Saeed Abedini when you and your administration failed to bargain for his release. 
  • You left behind Americans in Afghanistan when you didn’t demand they be a part of the Bergdahl swap.
  • You left behind the Christians in Egypt when you openly supported a Muslim Brotherhood leader, allowing for extreme persecution.
  • You left behind any allies we had in Libya when you supported the overthrow.
  • You left behind all those in Syria with your extremely poor handling of the crossed “red line.”  The country is now overrun with terrorists and extremists. 
  • You left behind the tax payers of the United States when you refused to punish those that broke the laws of the land and stomped on our Constitution. 
  • You left behind all of our veterans when you decided to not address the problems within the VA that you were briefed on. Those veterans, many of them left behind friends, loved ones, body parts, and health.
  • You left behind Health Secretary Sibelius when you allowed her to take the fall for an ill-planned roll out.
  • You left behind Israel many times by undermining its security.
  • Your administration is leaving behind two children of a US citizen in Sudan by not helping them gain freedom from a prison cell.
  • You are leaving behind Meriam Ibrahim in Sudan and Asia Bibi in Pakistan by not demanding their release.
  • You left behind the Congress numerous times when you failed to consult, side-stepped with Executive Order, or lied.
  • You left behind our Border Patrol when you and your administration failed to properly handle the Fast and Furious case.  
  • You left behind Ukraine in their time of crisis.
  • You left behind our Eastern European allies when you reneged on promises.

So, Mr. President, who haven’t you left behind?

  • Your wife and children (and that is a good thing)
  • the Taliban
  • al Qaeda and all its affiliates
  • Muslim Brotherhood
  • Eric Holder
  • Iran
  • Russia

I have to say, I’m glad I’m not in the camp of people you keep around.  

In the future, Mr. President, we would appreciate you refraining from using terms that mean something to us and obviously mean little to you.