Red Denotes ISIS control

As we watch Syria and Iraq fall into chaos, there’s an untold story
unfolding.  That of Christians.  In both countries,  and the broader
Middle East, Christians are targeted.  They are beheaded, crucified,
beaten, tortured, burnt, kidnapped, and more.  It’s all in an effort to
drive them out. I will be keeping this blog entry updated with articles I
write on the area, as well as some videos and articles that I feel are
relevant from other sources.

Although Iraq and Syria are predominantly Muslim, there are a few Christians still left.  Many do not know that present day Iraq and Syria play a major role in the Bible.  Old and New Testaments have scenes in these countries.  Paul was converted on his way to Damascus (a city still in Syria today).  The city of Nineveh, in Jonah, is near present-day Mosul in Iraq.  The list goes on.  Yet, despite the importance of these areas to Christianity, the Christian presence is about to be extinguished in both countries.

ISIS is now moving into Lebanon.  They have just claimed a suicide attack in that country.  Lebanon was once a safe haven for Christians.  However, in recent years, Hezbollah and other extremists have taken that safe haven away.  Now, ISIS has its sites set on Lebanon.  The few Christians left in Lebanon are taking note. 

It is very important to pray for these Christians.  They are facing tremendous persecution.  Because it is being masked by civil war, terrorism, government, and Islamic sectarian violence, the world is not noticing.  God can help these people.  We must all unite in prayer for our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.

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