Mohammad Gulab: Are We Leaving a Hero Behind?

As we withdraw from Afghanistan, pledge to not become involved in Iraq, arm who-knows-who in Syria, celebrate our military heroes, swap terrorists for POWs, and try to figure out what our President is doing in regards to foreign policy, a hero is hiding from the Taliban.

Mohammad Gulab is the person who saved Navy Seal Marcus Luttrell (Lone Survivor).  Because of the social laws governing his tribe (to always help a person in need), Mohammad took an injured GI to his house and hid him.  The entire tribe refused to give in to the Taliban’s demands to turn Luttrell over to them.  Eventually, a tribesman snuck away and got word to the US military.  If it wasn’t for Mohammad Gulab, and his tribe, there would have been no survivors at all. There is no doubt that this man is a hero.  As Wahlberg told Mohammad “You are the true hero.”

Mohammad has been to the US.  He did not seek asylum as he thought that it would prevent him from seeing his family again.  He came back to the US in an effort to find work, get a green card, and bring his family to the US.  That failed. Depending on the media source, the cause is Luttrell’s family, Marcus Luttrell, the State Department, and/or Mohammad.  Either way, the man wants to be in the US, with his family, in order to keep everyone safe.

The Taliban was already upset with him because he saved an American GI.  Now that his face is plastered all over the media, the Taliban is even angrier.  They have attempted bombings and shootings in order to kill him and his family.  They are on the run.  They have left their village and are hiding out in a bigger city.

It wouldn’t take much to get this man and his family to the US.  We already know what kind of help he has given a US military man.  Not only has it been documented in Army accounts, but it is a best selling book and a major movie.  There is no question that this man would qualify for political asylum.

So what’s the problem?  Many point to Luttrell, saying he should do more.  But I point to our State Department. They know of this man.  They know his plight.  They know how to get in touch with him.  They have the power of granting asylum.

Yet they don’t do anything.

I’m not surprised.  After all, they didn’t do much for the man who helped us get Osama bin Laden.  They are not being very helpful with Daniel Wadi (Meriam Ibrahim’s husband).  They, at the very least, drag their feet regarding Benghazi (and may have been complicit in allowing our people to be killed by militants).

But that is not acceptable.  It is our responsibility to help those who need our help.  Especially when they have helped us.  It is not right that we leave this man to fend for himself against the Taliban.

If you are angered over this, contact the State Department and voice your disdain.  Help this man and his family.