Unfortunately, Saeed can’t even be safe in his own prison cell.  He has gotten word to his family that ISIS prisoners have been threatening his life.  Franklin Graham has called for an urgent prayer on behalf of Saeed Abedini, stating that “God alone can protect him.”

Saeed’s children have pleaded with the President to save their father. “Why should he be in prison because he loves Jesus?”

The ACLJ has a petition that you can sign to push for Saeed to come home. Go here to sign it.

Remember, Nagmeh has requested that we all pray on Sept 26th, his prison anniversary.  Go to my FB page to get more info on an event near you. 

But don’t wait until Sept to pray.  Start now.  His very life is being threatened by ISIS prisoners.  He faces health difficulties and bad treatment.  Yet he is still proclaiming Christ and sharing Jesus with other prisoners.  Pray for his steadfastness and for his safety.  And pray for those in the prison to come to Christ through him.