E-Book and Children

Good morning (or afternoon) to everyone!  I am starting my first eBook and am very excited about it.  I’m not sure how long this process will take as I have never done this before, but I will definitely keep you updated!

It will be for parents, to help them teach Advent to their toddlers.  I will be posting my journey on the Children’s Blog as this pertains to that topic.

As I go through life with my daughter, I am amazed at how little there is for children under 3 years old.  There are toys and such.  But there is little in the form of books and educational materials for the parents.  At least, none that I am happy with or deal with the issues I want to deal with.

So it was with Advent.  I knew better than to try the first year.  A one year old simply is not going to grasp that sort of thing.  So we read to her.  But this past year, she was old enough to start understanding simple concepts.  But I could only find one book that claimed to teach her age group.  I bought it. However, it was still a little above where she was.  It was good for three year olds.  So now what?

I remembered a conversation I had with my dad.  We were talking about how people get ideas and either act or don’t.  God has a plan.  And if He gives you an idea, and you don’t act on it, He will give it to someone else who will.  Hmmmm…..

I thought, “If I am that frustrated that I don’t have Advent material, then others may be as well.  What is precluding me from writing material for others?”  So I started writing down what I was doing with my daughter.

I am now compiling those ideas and expanding them into a guide for parents.  And let me tell you, I have a lot to fill in! I wasn’t too focused on complete sentences and good grammar when I had a two year old trying to type on the keyboard while I was!  So the first draft is REALLY rough! 🙂

Then, recently, I came across some advice about writing eBooks.  This is it! Just what I needed.  I couldn’t afford to go through the whole traditional publishing or self publishing with multiple books.  So I chose the curriculum.  But now I can do both! So, starts the journey…


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