Asia Bibi – Waiting to Be Executed

You may remember from a previous blog that I have started my project on Christian persecution.  I have deviated from the first plan to go country by country.  As I finished the article on Syria, I came across information about Asia Bibi.  She is awaiting execution in Pakistan.  Her appeal is scheduled for April 14th, just around the corner.  You can read about her plight here.  The article has just been published.

I will be continuing the country profiles and inserting individual profiles as I become aware of them.  I created a new Facebook page for following this subject.  Updates on individuals’ conditions and such will be posted there.

You may be wondering where this idea came from. Well, like most things, it was a process. 🙂

I felt called to create the children’s curriculum. Several in fact.  I am in process of creating them and getting the money to get them professionally edited for publication.  So, I started writing freelance in order to pay for this.

I started researching how to be a freelance writer and various topics I could write on (all the while, I was writing for Yahoo).  While I was researching, I had Fox News on.  The Five, a show on this network, came on.  Bob Beckel is on this show.  I disagree with almost everything he says, politically.  But something I stand right next to him on is Christian persecution and the lack of attention it gets.

While researching and listening to the show, he brought up the plight of Christians and was discussing how upset he was that no one speaks about it.  He hit a nerve with me.  I am upset with it too.  But now that I am a writer, I have a platform to actually help in this area.  My career change enables me to have a voice in the argument.  It allows me to, hopefully, help people understand what is going on. Maybe that understanding will lead to action and people’s lives will be saved.

So, I started with the country Syria.  Yahoo published it.  As I continued my research and found out about Asia Bibi, I realized that I could do more than country profiles. I could put out info about individuals.  And hopefully, people will become involved.  Signing a petition, writing a letter,…. all easy ways that save people’s lives.

So here is my first individual profile.  Please read it and, if you feel comfortable, sign the petition.  Then “Like” the Facebook page to keep up with Asia and her journey.

This is only the beginning of my journey and I am so glad you are joining me on it.


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