Mary Sameh George – The Latest Martyr

I found out today that Mary Sameh George was killed on March 28th, a little over a week ago, in Cairo, Egypt.  Mary was 25 years old and a Coptic Christian.  She was murdered on her way to give food to the poor.  Her murder was brutal and shows the kind of persecution that Christians face daily in Egypt.

Since the Arab Spring, the overthrow of Mubarak, and the ousting of Morsi, Christian persecution has gotten worse and worse.  Organizations like the Muslim Brotherhood take advantage of this chaos to perpetrate violence against Christians.  This has become a typical tactic in Middle Eastern countries such as Egypt, Syria, and others that are experiencing political chaos. Christians are being tortured and killed regularly and no one is noticing.

Why aren’t they noticing? Partially because the media isn’t looking for it.  They see killings and just attribute them to violence.  People aren’t taking the time to see that the connections are that these people are Christians.  They don’t see that Christians are targeted.

But that’s not the only reason.  It’s not politically correct in the US to report on Christian persecution.  Just like we can’t pray in schools but other faiths can.

And it is also because many are simply apathetic.  These heinous acts occur so far away that we just aren’t aware, don’t know how to help, or don’t have time.  My goal is to help move us away from this.  I want to bring the knowledge to people so that they are aware, know how to help, and can be involved.

I will be posting my article on Mary Sameh George as soon as it is published. Please pray for her family.  Her mother-in-law died shortly after hearing about Mary.  The family is dealing with the murder of one of their own as well as another death. Pray for their healing, their safety, and that they will not lose hope in their Savior.

** Photo is from iCommitToPray blog of the Voice of the Martyrs


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