UofL, My New Brand, and Apology

First, I have to say, I am so disappointed that UofL lost. But what a game! Both teams brought a crazy game experience to all of us and it was great! Although UofL lost, we should all rally around UK to make sure that a Kentucky team takes the win! 

I have been taking some classes on making my own brand as an author, and how to use social media.  As you all know, I’m pretty new to social media. I have used it plenty to catch bad guys, but to use it on a social level, that’s pretty new.  So, I owe you all an apology. I have made a few mistakes in over-promoting my material. I will fix it immediately! 🙂

And as far as my brand goes, I’m still working on it.  Of course, it will focus on children’s curriculum.  I feel that God is leading me to do this.  I have many ideas and am working to get them published.  That journey is on the other blog.  I am also adding Christian Persecution to my portfolio as this is something I am passionate about.  I am not passionate about persecuting Christians!  I am passionate about bringing their stories to the mainstream and about helping in their endeavors.  I am also considering adding intelligence/terrorism to the portfolio as I have had many readers on this subject.  Stay tuned to see the final me!

I am on this journey and it is new for me.  I may make mistakes along the way but I know I am doing what I should be.  I love this new venture and hope you will walk alongside me in it.