Christian Persecution

Happy Sunday everyone! It has been quite a day.  I have previously mentioned my passion for promoting Christian persecution.  I want to bring the issue into the mainstream light.  It is often buried or not even reported and that is something I want to change.

I had originally thought this endeavor would take a while before getting any traction.  However, God had different plans! My country profile on Syria has already been published and much interest has been shown.  Then today, our pastor’s sermon about the spiritual condition of America got me thinking about the world in general.  I got home and started working on all my research… how to write this, social media that, contests to enter, etc etc.  Then I got on Facebook and had a message from the Voice of the Martyrs about Asia Bibi who is condemned to be hung for proclaiming Christ. I felt extremely convicted to write her story. And I did. It is awaiting publication.

So I started a Facebook page.  I am hyperlinking it here because it doesn’t have an official name yet. I know, things are moving faster than I can keep up with!  But, this FB page is solely for those interested in keeping up with news of persecuted Christians. I will be posting relevant news stories, any articles I write on the subject, prayer needs, etc.

If you want to help Asia Bibi, the Voice of the Martyrs has a petition to sign.  It will be delivered to the Pakistani Embassy in DC.  The link to the petition will be on the FB page.

Please keep Asia Bibi in your prayers. And if you feel convicted to sign the petition, please don’t hesitate. Do it now. Her life is literally hanging in the balance. Her appeal has been delayed a second time and it is her only chance for freedom. As it currently stands, she will be the first Christian woman executed in Pakistan.