Dec 2019 - Went to the doctor because my personal trainer informed my I may have fibromyalgia or a different connective tissue problem. Doc ordered blood work.  It was positive for SSA-Ro and I was referred to a rheumatologist.

Feb 2020 - Saw the Rheumatologist. She listened to my long list of symptoms and suspects multiple autoimmune diseases. At least one is gland oriented and one is muscular oriented.  She so strongly believes the glandular one is Sjogren's that she sent me home with info to familiarize myself with.  She also ordered several bouts of bloodwork and an EMG/NCS.  Blood was drawn that day to send to an immunology place in CA.  They will preform an AVISE CTD test on my blood.

Feb 2020 - Had an EMG and an NCS done.  Neurologist said there was no sign of damage to nerves or muscles.  Also stated that muscles and nerves were responding appropriately to stimulation.

Feb 2020 - Went to the dentist for a normal 6-month check up.  Dentist found "erosion" on my teeth.  Attempted to fill and put me on a daily flouride treatment.

Feb 2020 - Gave more blood to be done locally.  They will check muscle proteins and several other things to get more info on what is going on in my body.

March 2, 2020 - Metabolic assessment #2.  This is done three months after the first one. Despite all the work, I have only gained 1/2 pound of muscle.  More evidence something is amiss. Trainer is going to make adjustments.

March 16, 2020 - dental work not sufficient.  Went back to dentist and one of the teeth that were filled due to erosion had to have a root canal and a crown.  Had to put on a temporary crown for now, until the permanent one arrives.  However, dentist thinks that COVID19 will shut them down before that, so she used permanent cement to help the temporary crown last longer.  Dentist believes my erosion issues (as well as other issues) are due to my possible diagnosis with Sjorgrens.

March 18, 2020 - Due to a LOT of issues gynecologically, I had been put on birth control continuously, with no break.  This marked a year.  However, I had to go in today because I had been bleeding for 5 weeks straight, despite being on the birth control.  Doc doesn't know what is wrong.  She put me on progesterone for 28 days, then back on birth control following that.  While at the office, I had a strange heart issue.  My face turned red, I couldn't breathe, and my body fell limp.  The doc had me lay down for ten minutes before allowing me to go.

March 21, 2020 - Had another heart issue while at home.  Body fell limp, head pounding, heart and left arm hurt, and it was hard to breathe.  Didn't go to ER but will next time.  Uncertain what is causing this.

March 25, 2020 - Appointment with rheumatologist is cancelled.  I went in to the office and got my records and requested strongly that I be seen.  A different doctor squeezed me in.  She diagnosed me with Sjogrens and said the other issues will have to wait until after COVID19.  I received a prescription for hydroxychloroquine.