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After such a joyous day, Meriam is now back in custody.  She and her husband were arrested on their way out of the country.  As of right now, the status of their children is unknown. Sudan’s National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS) arrested them in the Khartoum airport.  According toContinue Reading

Praise Jesus!  Meriam has been released!  A judge overturned her conviction and she is a free woman.  According to statements made by her husband a few weeks ago, he plans to take his whole family out of the Sudan.   There is some confusion as to whether or not she hasContinue Reading

 Be in prayer for Meriam and her family.  The appeals court has agreed to review her case.  Details are below. *********************************************************************************************************** On May 22nd, Meriam’s legal team filed an appeal of her case.  They are arguing that the verdict contradicts the country’s constitution.  A panel of three judges is currentlyContinue Reading

Many of the news agencies have picked up the story of Meriam today.  Al Jazeera (Arabic news station) is reporting that she will be hanged.  She was given three days after her sentencing to convert to Islam.  She spent time with an Islamic cleric.  According to the reports, she statedContinue Reading

Despite being a member of the United Nations and agreeing to recognize and protect every individual’s right to the free practice of their religion, Sudan is still persecuting Christians at an alarming rate.  President Omar Hassan al-Bashir uses strict Shari’a law to govern Sudan.  According to the United States CommissionContinue Reading