A pastor is one of 58 abducted by militia.


Another Bible translator is killed in Cameroon. It is believed the Wycliffe worker was killed by Fulani militants.


Pastor John Cao, imprisoned, has written a poem.


Officials in Zhejiang province have started restricting baptisms, offerings, bank accounts, church growth, church attendance, and more in an effort to control and shut down churches.


Hindu extremists break into a pastor’s home, threatening the lives of him, his wife and 4 kids.


American pastor Bryan Nerren, who has ministered in India and Nepal for 17 years, was arrested on his way to a conference and has been held since October 5.


Several churches in Tamil Nadu have been put under surveillance in order to stop their services.


Ebrahim Firouzi has been released and is preparing to serve 2 years of internal exile.


A family endured 5 hours of attack by Boko Haram. Some didn’t make it, and others barely did. WARNING: GRAPHIC WRITING


Tel Tamer Christians are asking for help as their neighboring town was taken over by Turkish backed forces, leaving Christians there with no income, no homes, and nowhere to go.


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