InChains brings you the news about the persecuted Church worldwide. It also brings you resources available for prayer, statistics, and more. Part of being the body of Christ is remembering those that are persecuted. “Remember those who are in prison, as though in prison with them, and those who are mistreated, since you also are in the body.” We need to remember and pray for those that are being persecuted, but we also need to pray for those that are doing the persecuting, that they would come to Christ. “But I say to you, Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.” InChains prays that you will use this knowledge to strategically and specifically pray.


Barnabas Aid reports that 11 churches were destroyed around April 18th. It is believed that this was in retaliation for being arrested for desecrating a Christian grave.


Christians in this country are suffering under COVID19 and armed conflict. They have little to no protection and their food supplies are dwindling and being ruined by aggressors.


The government has removed even more crosses at churches. UCANews reports two more churches have had their crosses removed.

Catholics are raising the alarm as the CCP extends the closures of churches and pilgrimages. The opening of seminaries has also been delayed. Because the CCP has allowed business reopenings, catholics are concerned this may be a move by the government to cease religious activities permanently.


A woman in Egypt was abducted on April 23rd. A few days later, a video surfaced showing her converting to Islam under extreme duress.


Barnabas Aid reports that there was more than one attack in Mozambique. Three days of attacks happened at the beginning of April.


On April 12th, a newlywed couple and some of their guests were kidnapped by Fulani militants during the wedding ceremony.

Multiple attacks in Nigeria. Churches and houses are burnt down. People are murdered, even beheaded. Many are kidnapped and held for ransom.

A couple was ambushed by Fulani militants. The Fulani attacked with machetes. The wife was able to escape and get help. They found her husband in a pool of blood, wounds to his head. He is now recovering.


A pastor and his family were attacked by a Muslim neighbor who is trying to steal their land. This time, the man, with friends, attacked them with sticks and machetes.

Pastor was arrested on Good Friday, without cause. They attempted to frame him for criminal activity.

A 14 year old girl, Myra, was abducted on her way to work. Witnesses were unable to help her as the abductors had weapons. It is believed she will be raped, forced to marry and forced to convert it Islam.

Punjab’s governor is trying to make learning the Quran compulsory in schools. He is currently working with universities to make this happen.

For a family grieving the loss of the father, justice will not likely come. Police are to blame and have paid some money to the family. However, it is not what they are due. It is believed that the family will be forced to pardon the police officer.


Turkey is rejecting the USCIRF report that recommended adding Turkey to the US State DEpartment’s special watch list.


In a country known for its religious freedom, many in the United States feel that the government is encroaching upon those freedoms, using the pandemic as an excuse to restrict religious freedoms. It is currently unclear if these restrictions will be retracted and how the courts will handle the cases that have come to them. Because of the possibility of religious freedoms becoming restricted, InChains is covering the relevant news.

Baptists and Jews are raising the alarm in regard to New York’s mayor’s threats to permanently shut down religious institutions.

Louisiana pastor is now preaching with an ankle bracelet. Tony Spell continues to hold in-person services, despite the state government’s orders to stop. He believes that if the government allows Walmart and Target to let hundreds of people in a day, then religious institutions should be allowed to do so as well.



Release International has set up a LockDown Website

Article (with links) providing info about the increased persecution during COVID19 pandemic. Discrimination, Persecution and Pandemic



United States Commission on Religious Freedoms 2020 Annual Report

For a list of names of those martyred, please see the Martyr Page. Although this list is not everyone, I created it to honor those that have been martyred. If I have been able to find their name, I have recorded it here with a link to what happened.

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