I have done my best to find the names of those that have been reported to be killed because of their faith. Those that have been killed in 2020 are listed here. You can link to an article about their death by clicking on their name. There are many more that have died because of their faith. Sadly, their names are often not reported.

NameAgeCitizenshipMethod of KillingPerpetratorCountry of Incident
Pastor Paul DjirobeCARexecution – shootingSeleka jihadistsCAR
Pastor Michael RadjinoCARexecution – shootingSeleka jihadistsCAR
Caleb MutuaKenyashotal-ShabaabKenya
Titus UshindiKenyashotal-ShabaabKenya
Samuel Muthui KyonzuKenyashotal-ShabaabKenya
Briget Philip18NigeriashotFulaniNigeria
Priscilla David19NigeriashotFulaniNigeria
Augustine AvertseNigeriaFulaniNigeria
Akaa’am AvertseNigeriaFulaniNigeria
Rev. Lawan AndimiNigeriaexecution – beheadingBoko HaramNigeria
Ropvil Daciya DalepNigeriaexecution – shootingISWAPNigeria
Rev Dennis BagauriNigeriashotNigeria
Pastor Ngulongo Year Batsemire60DRCexecutionADFDRC
Peter Kilonzo Musili Kenyaexecutional-ShabaabKenya
Kevin OnyangoKenyaexecutional-ShabaabKenya
Alfa Yayu73NigeriashotFulaniNigeria
Nnadi MichaelNigeriashotFulaniNigeria
Bola AtagaNigeriashotFulaniNigeria