Pastor Wang Yi of Early Rain Covenant Church has been slapped with new charges. In addition to his previous charges, he now faces “illegal business.”

Chinese officials in Henan Province beat a man almost to death and forcibly demolished his church. They then spread lies about the man committing suicide in order to cover up what they had done. However, the man survived and refuted the lies.

Bitter Winter reported that officials in China are encouraging children to report their parents if they follow Christianity (or any other religion). The children are also being indoctrinated that parents who follow religion will eventually leave them and burn them.

Three-Self church is penalized for selling Bibles.

Pastor John Cao’s sentence was upheld in China. He was helping the people of Myanmar/Burma and was arrested for crossing the border with China illegally.


After languishing in jail for over 10 years, a second Christian has been granted released on bail. Seven Christians were falsely accused and convicted. Only two have since been released.


Sevada Aghasar has been conditionally released from prison.

A mother of three sought asylum in Germany as they were Christian converts. Although two of her sons were granted asylum, she was denied then deported. Upon arriving in Iran, she was arrested.

Nine Christian converts in Iran had their hearing aborted because the judge did not like their lawyer.


Agenzia Fides reports Catholic leaders denouncing the intimidation and threats to their communities by Jewish extremists.


Kachin pastor recounts his torture and experiences in prison.

Officials will be meeting with 250 Christian refugees in Bangladesh. This will be the first time.


Reports came in that five Christians were killed in a spate of attacks by the Fulani last week. One of those slain was a pregnant mother of two. The Fulani also burnt down 75 houses and two churches.

A catholic priest was attacked by the Fulani and suffered gunshot wounds.

Islamists released a video of six Christian aid workers who have been kidnapped. In the video, a woman named Grace is asking for help.


A Pakistani man, who had fled to Bangkok for asylum after being falsely accused of blasphemy, is now in hiding. Extremists have issued YouTube videos calling for his death. He is pleading with Canada for emergency asylum.

The Catholic Register has reported that over 70 people have been killed by mobs over accusations of blasphemy.

A ten-year-old is brutally murdered for asking to be paid his full salary.

Girls in Pakistan continue to be kidnapped, married, and forced to convert to Islam. Continue to pray for these girls and their families.


Our Lady of Mount Carmel has reopened after a terrorist attack that killed 20 people.


A Christian woman is raped and stoned to death in Syria. She was one of the few Christians who remained in the town and spent her days helping others.


World Vision has a free prayer guide. If you are interested in praying for refugees, check it out here.