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  It’s amazing how God works sometimes.  I had been contemplating this very issue and applying its concepts to my life when it was reinforced today through one of my church’s pastors.  This pastor does not normally preach. He might be the youth pastor, not sure (we are new toContinue Reading

I had a friend, who gave me so much encouragement the other day.  It is amazing how someone can do so much for you and not even know it! Thanks G.M.! I have not written much for the past few weeks. I’ve been swamped with life.  God is really refiningContinue Reading

Working with SCS I must apologize for my lack of writing over the last week.  I am dealing with so many life changes at the moment and am trying to work through all of them.  There are so many things that God is blessing me with that I have toContinue Reading

Today was definitely a God moment.  First, I want to bring you up to speed on what has been going on at Fort Huachuca, AZ.  We have been dealing with a man-caused wildfire.  It is very dry here as it is AZ, it is Spring, and there has been aContinue Reading

Today has been one of contemplation.  It started in Sunday School, talking with a friend about my writing.  She asked me if I was worried about becoming prideful when/if receiving accolades and achieving success (something I hope to do-that is, achieve success!).  I explained that I didn’t worry about that. Continue Reading