Working with SCS

I must apologize for my lack of writing over the last week.  I am dealing with so many life changes at the moment and am trying to work through all of them.  There are so many things that God is blessing me with that I have to figure out how to make them all work in my life!

God has provided an opportunity for me to work with a global security firm as the senior policy analyst and writer. I am very excited about this opportunity. I enjoy the work and the extra finances are allowing us to help out others that we would otherwise not be able to do.

God has provided us the ability to purchase our first home! How exciting! We will be moving from AZ to TX in two weeks. Stress! Oh, and that move is with an almost-three-year-old! But I will have an office to work in, a room for a library (we have a TON of books), and a yard for our daughter.  We are very excited about this.

It’s getting to be crunch time to get my first eBooks published (Toddler Advent and Toddler Prayers) and my curriculum proposal finalized (Toddler Curriculum and Oversized Toddler Books).  This is exciting because I’m almost there.  And, God has provided the finances to make it happen. However, trying to juggle all of my writing commitments, while being a good mom and wife, is challenging.  But God will show me a way! I just need to be open to His direction.

I am currently looking for a way to get my articles published.  Yahoo Voices has decided to suspend its operations.  So, by the end of the month, my articles will no longer be available online.  This is very sad for me as it was a great way to get my articles on Christian Persecution out into the public eye for others to see.  This topic is so near and dear to me.  People need to be made aware of what is going on.  This was a great avenue for that. So, please be in prayer for me to find another avenue to do this with.  If God wants me to continue, He will provide a way.  Pray for me to be able to see it.

I am also working on country profiles for Christian persecution that I will write every year (eBooks).  Gathering the data is exhaustive and tedious but I am loving it.  This is what God made me for… hoards of data! If I can get these projects up and running, I will be providing a missing link that is not readily available to people.  All the statistics regarding Christian persecution in one place.  I have five countries picked out for this current year.

I am also working on some health and food projects.  I was working on them with Yahoo Voices, but had to suspend them due the closure of Yahoo Voices.  So I’m looking for another avenue to use. 

All these changes in my life are opening new doors and closing others.  It is a very exciting time but also stressful.  Trying to juggle all the new blessings while maintaining my health (I have a few health issues) is becoming a struggle.  But I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me! I am so excited!