Today was definitely a God moment.  First, I want to bring you up to speed on what has been going on at Fort Huachuca, AZ.  We have been dealing with a man-caused wildfire.  It is very dry here as it is AZ, it is Spring, and there has been a drought.  For five days, there has been 0% containment.


View from my house

People have been praying for some sort of intervention.  Knowing that it doesn’t rain in AZ hardly ever, people have been praying for the firefighters to be safe and to be successful.

Last night, many members of my church were praying for exactly those things.  It was like God moved everyone to pray at the same time and for the same thing.

View from my house

So, this morning, I was at the park, with my daughter, doing an egg hunt with some friends.  We had previously discussed how we had prayed for help and that we felt God answering by sending clouds and taking away a lot of the wind.  We all woke up to a cloudy sky, something that is very rare in AZ. And the temperature was quite nice, something that is rare in April in AZ. Suddenly, I felt a mist on my face.  Mist?

I quickly texted my family the news… it was raining in AZ! (something that only happens in July and August, and then, not very much).  But as soon as I hit send, the mist was gone.  Strange. Maybe it was just cold wind.

As I packed up my child and all the new goodies, my friends and I looked over to the mountains.  We had again felt a mist as the wind had blown.  There, on the exact spot where the wildfire is, it was raining! The mist was the water being blown toward us!

View from playground – hard to see, but I only had my phone camera

God had sent the rain to the exact spot that needed it!!! Talk about answered prayers!  There’s no denying this one.  He didn’t just send rain, He sent it to the exact spot that had been prayed over! Talk about getting chills!